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Supporting Organisations
ACAL, the Australian Council for Adult Literacy, promotes issues regarding Adult literacy and numeracy policy and practice.
ACFE's site on Regional Councils provides contact details of providers in each of the regions and how to contact the Councils.
The Adult Literacy and Numeracy Australian Research Consortium (ALNARC) represents a national collaboration between university-based centres in each state for research into adult literacy and numeracy. (It was formerly managed by Language Australia and known as the Adult Literacy Research Network.)
ALF, the Australian Literacy Federation is a federation of the five peak professional associations concerned with the promotion and support of English language and literacy education in Australia. The five associations are:
ALEA, the Australian Literacy Educators' Association
PETA, the Primary English Teaching Association.
DETYA's LiteracyNet provides up to date links to useful literacy information from across the Education and Training Sector.
The NSW Board of Adult and Community Education (BACE) promotes the provision of adult and community education in NSW, allocates government funds to ACE providers in NSW and advises the Minister of needs and trends in ACE. The Reading Writing Hotline is a national telephone literacy referral service providing practical information on improving reading and writing. To call the Hotline dial 1300 655 506.
VALA Victorian Applied Learning Association, Raising the profile of applied learning
VALBEC, the Victorian Adult Literacy and Basic Education Council, aims to lead the adult literacy field through identifying issues and facilitating positive change. This is achieved through networking, professional support, the sharing of information and the promotion of best practice.
Web Tools & Resources
ACEWEB - the Adult Community Education web site, is part of the Yarranet site, and has a large number of links and resources for ACE web developers, including D-I-Y web publishing, virtual conferencing and a good practice directory.
CEdRIC (Community Education Rural Internet Connection) connects community education venues in the Central Highlands Wimmera region to the Internet. It offers an educational resource for learners and tutors in remote communities.
Dale Pobega's E-Zine contains a range of useful information on using html, MOOs, links and *lots* of other e-stuff. is a community networking initiative designed to provide access to, and training in using the Internet and online services.

DETYA has also created a site for the National Reporting System (NRS) - a nationally recognised mechanism for reporting outcomes of adult English language, literacy and numeracy programmes.

Centre AlphaPlus Centre is one of Canada's best resources and information services for adult literacy and basic education.
Carlton Adult Reading and Writing Program has a website which displays uses of the web for teaching literacy, basic education and ESL, much of which was produced in the process of "a classroom- based research project to look at the ways teachers could best incorporate new learning technologies into their classroom practice".
The website of Duke Street Community House provides an eclectic range of information about its services, with links to a large number of sites on community and educational issues.
Flemington Reading and Writing Program's site provides details about their courses and services, with lots of student writings as well.

Southern Westernport Literacy and Numeracy (SWP) Website - the site is for use by the 75 community providers in the Southern Westernport Region and provides access to learning resources, Newsgroups etc.

Overseas Organistions
ABC Canada Literacy Foundation is a national organization committed to promoting literacy to the general public and to the private sector. The organisation focusses on public awareness programs and the provision of promotional support to local literacy groups. It also conducts research to further the development of a fully literate Canadian population.

The Basic Skills Agency is the UK's national development agency for basic skills. The Agency aims to improve basic skills through a number of activities including publishing resources and conducting research.

Literacy Online provides access to the National Center on Adult Literacy (NCAL) which focuses primarily on literacy research and innovation in North America and the International Literacy Institute (ILI) which focuses on international literacy and development with an emphasis on developing countries.

The National Adult Literacy Database Inc. (NALD) is a Canadian non-profit service organization which aims to provide a single-source, comprehensive, and up-to-date database of adult literacy programs, resources, services and activities across Canada.

The National Insitute for Literacy (NIFL) is an independent American federal organization 'leading the national effort toward a fully literate nation in the 21st century'. NIFL's website provides details of project, publications and links to organisations and providers across the country.
The National Literacy Trust is a charity set up in 1993 to work in partnership with others to enhance literacy standards throughout the UK. The Trust's purpose is to make an independent, strategic contribution to the creation of a society in which all can enjoy appropriate skills, confidence and pleasures of literacy to support their educational, economic, social and cultural goals.
RaPAL, Research and Practice in Adult Literacy, is the only British national organisation that focuses on the role of literacy in adult life. Established in 1985, RaPAL is an independent network of learners, teachers, managers and researchers in adult basic education.