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The A Frame

A-Frame – An ACE Framework for Non-accredited Learning Building on the Best’
In April 2006, the Adult Community and Further Education Board endorsed the A-Frame – An ACE Framework for Non-accredited Learning Building on the Best’.
The A-Frame was developed for the Board by the CAE in consultation with ACE providers.   It caters for Adult Community Education (ACE) providers delivering Board funded non-accredited learning. The A-Frame will help ACE teachers and course managers design, document and quality assure non-accredited delivery. 
The practical advantage of the A-Frame is to help teachers, learners and providers think through what will be learned, for what reason and how teaching and learning will be structured and undertaken. Other important considerations are the form of acknowledgement that will be given to learners regarding their learning achievements and the pathways and future options that flow from these achievements. It encourages reflection on the outcomes for learners and promotes continuous improvement.

Among other benefits, the A-Frame provides a consistent but flexible format for considering and documenting a learner’s goals and outcomes and for recording and monitoring student feedback.
A Frame full version (pdf)
Gail HarrisonCongratulations to Gail Harrison (third from the right), coordinator of YCEN (Yackandandah Community Education Network) Centre who was awarded the 2007 Excellence in Non-accredited Teaching and Learning. This  award recognises excellence in design and delivery of a non-accredited ACE program.
Case Studies

1. Customising The A Frame to suit the needs of individual ACE organisations.

GEAL (Glen Eira Adult Learning Centre) has customised the A Frame so it better suits their organisations requirements. GEAL consulted with ACFE Southern Region to ensure the GEAL customised A Frame documents retained the core intent of the A Frame.
 Melodie Murphy, Education Manager, Glen Eira Adult Learning Centre

2. Practical Work Placement in an Office Environment

Homestead Learning and Arts Centre work predominantly with disadvantaged groups of CALD, older, long-term unemployed, ‘Return to Work’, learners who have not had on-the-job training or gained an understanding of an actual work environment. 
Homestead Learning and Arts Centre have mapped their non accredited ‘Office and Work Placement’ program to the A Frame.
Donna Mantello, Coordinator, Homestead Learning & Arts Centre

3. Wurreker: Indigenous Cultural Renewal Program

is a non accredited training program designed to engage disengaged Indigenous people via a culturally relevant learning program.
It has been developed and based on traditional and cultural practices involved in utilising the Kangaroo for food and hides. 
To ensure quality provision in the program delivery, it has been mapped to The A Frame.
The program  uses the cultural knowledge and practices as a platform to further develop course content in fashion, tourism, horticulture, Arts, small business, while ensuring quality in provision

4. Digital Photography for Beginners

This program is designed to engage rural, isolated and drought affected farmers to engage in community learning designed to assist them to pathway onto further training. It uses digital photography as the initial engagement and has successfully seen learners pathway to Certificate 1 and 11 in computer programs with some learners making pathways to financial management  computer programs.
Wendy Pollard   – Whyceproof Community  Resource Centre