Professional Development
19th March Resources for all. Literacy & Numeracy resources for the CGEA, VCAL & Middle years ...more

CAE receives funding from ACFE to support the professional development of ACE providers delivering non-accredited programs and also VCAL and Adult VCE.

There are a number of upcoming workshops to be delivered in the next few months that will assist these providers

CAE can design programs for individual schools and providers to address their specific needs in delivering VCAL, VCE, Youth Programs and CGEA to learners.

Workshops and training can also be developed on request.

Contact Cate Thompson at SAALT
or Tel for details

2008 Professional Development program at CAE

Put these dates in your diaries now!
Further information: Email:
Location: Level 4, CAE, 253 Flinders Lane, Melbourne
Costs: $140 half-day (incl. lunch); $230.00 full day (incl lunch); $350.00 two-day events (incl lunches)

19th March Resources for all - Course code PAR88001

Literacy & Numeracy resources for the CGEA, VCAL & Middle years

This one day workshop presents an excellent opportunity to not only discover a whole range of practical and real world based resources that support delivery of innovative and engaging literacy or numeracy programs, but also the important opportunity to choose from a range of in depth workshops and gain a comprehensive understanding of how resources can be used and applied to a wide range of delivery strategies.  Participants will be able to take away practical resources and ideas and a comprehensive understanding of the related teaching and learning strategies applicable to their own programs.

Resource One Stop Shop: The final session of the day brings together a resource display from a range of resource developers and book shops that specialise in resources for delivery of VCAL and the CGEA......more

29th April - Challenging Behaviour. Course code PAR88101 (½ day only – am)

“If only students’ behaviour didn’t interrupt our teaching, we could achieve so much!!!!!”

This workshop presents a range of strategies that can assist teachers and facilitators to manage and engage difficult and/or disruptive learners. Based on examples of best practice, teachers will learn how to better manage a range of classroom behaviors and create a more relaxed, positive and productive learning environment. An added benefit is the opportunity to share experiences, create networks and realize the challenges they face are shared by many!

23rd May In at the deep end? Course code PAR91001

VCAL and Applied Learning

Feel like you’ve jumped in the Deep End? Are you relatively new to teaching a VCAL program? You may be a first year teacher or you may have been teaching mainstream, secondary school programs for some time and now find yourself delivering a more Hands On, Applied Learning, Flexible VCAL program. And you need some help and ideas?

13th June CGEA revisited Course Code PAR91101
sharing together

Having survived the first semester, this day will give practitioners the opportunity to revisit the new CGEA and gain ideas and strategies by working with colleagues on the planning, delivery and assessment of the CGEA. Come along to some facilitated sharing and moderation sessions. A great chance to share, contribute and learn from colleagues.  

23rd July Numeracy for all Course Code PAR91201

Teaching and Learning for VCAL, CGEA & Middle years

Feel alone and unsure about how to teach numeracy and maths in VCAL or the CGEA or in the middle years? New to teaching numeracy and maths and don’t feel confident about how to teach it in an applied way or how to teach the underpinning maths skills? Don’t know where to go for resources or help? Can maths be delivered in a more Hands On, Applied Learning, Flexible way?
Do you need some help and want to find some new ideas?

22nd August Sharing practices Course Code PAR91301

working with youth in VCAL

This one day workshop is an opportunity to gain ideas, shares good practice and develop VCAL programs that focus on Work Related and Industry Specific units. Participants will also learn how to embed literacy and numeracy in the delivery of  VET and  other employment focussed VCAL and gain an understanding of how and why the development of industry links are so important and achievable.

12th September What’s new? Course Code PAR91401

Come along to this day to hear about a range of new developments and activities in the area of adult and community education, especially in relation to adult literacy and numeracy. For example, hear about the work on a number of projects related to the CGEA, work relating to the Employability Skills and refinements to the A-Frame that is to more explicitly incorporate Employability Skills. The revised National Reporting System (NRS), the Australian Core Skills Framework (ACSF), has also been finalised and sessions will be held on understanding the ACSF.

24th October  Literacy for all - Course Code PAR98401

Teaching and Learning for VCAL, CGEA & Middle years

How do you develop engaging literacy content for the delivery of  VCAL,  CGEA or in the middle years?
How do you embed literacy delivery in to VCAL, CGEA and VET?
Maybe you are new to teaching VCAL or CGEA  don’t know how to teach it in an applied way or how to teach the underpinning literacy skills? Don’t know where to go for resources or help?
Think you are the only  one struggling???
This workshop will give you positive and practical answers and solutions to all of the above….and more!

20th & 21st November VCAL 2 Day Conference Course Code PAR98201

This two day conference presents a great opportunity for VCAL teachers and coordinators to not only gain practical ideas and skills for the delivery of successful programs, but equally as important, the opportunity to network with teachers from ACE TAFE and secondary schools. Both the conference content and the networking will ensure participants return to their classrooms with a range of practical ideas, and a greater understanding of how to deliver innovative and effective VCAL programs

12th December CGEA Conference Course Code PAR98301

(One Day Conference)
Reflections and Futures. This one day workshop will give participants the opportunity to reflect on 2008 delivery and build on and plan for 2009 and beyond.