Investigate different parts of plants and their function:
Searching for Stomata (WS4)
Searching for Chloroplasts (WS5)

Investigate Photosynthesis. Students can design experiments to determine the answers to the following questions:
Is carbon dioxide needed for photosynthesis?
Do plants need chlorophyll for photosynthesis?
What will happen if you cover part of a leaf (limit sunlight):
Can the leaf still photosynthesise?
Does the whole leaf still photosynthesise?

Use the Botany Glossary (HO2) as the basis for further discussion and research.
For plant description looking specifically at flower arrangement, leaf
arrangement and the type of fruit and leaf shape. Encourage students to fill in
the glossary so they have their own reference in their own words to rely on.
When students have completed the glossary they will have a key to identify
plant parts. Student can collect specimens and describe them using the